Wednesday, March 28, 2012

add a proxy arp on Checkpoint SPLAT box

The best way to add a proxy arp is as follows:

1) Check off in the global properties for nat "Merge manual arp entries"
2) Create your manual nat rule. Save the policy.
3) Login to the gateway(s) that requires the proxy arp.
4) Use the following command to add an arp to the local.arp file. This will append new arps for you without having to use Vi.

echo " AA:BB:CC:DD:EE" >> $FWDIR/conf/local.arp

Make sure that the mac address you use is from the physical gateway. For instance in a HA Active/Standy cluster xl setup you will need to use the MAC from each clusters' interface respectively.

Push the policy after you add the arps.

You only need a route for the NAT address if you dont have "translate destination on client side enabled"

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