Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Checkpoint Timezone Configuration

Timezone was setup on both machines via the web interface, however there you can only choose Timezone in form off GMT+ -12.format.
On the MGMT machine there was one time sysconf_time running but left with option 11)

This solution will work for you, (and for others)

Start on the MGMT machine since here you can stop the services (mostly) without interrupting other services.

1) Log in as expert.on the command line
2) run the command "sysconfig"
3) choose option No. "4) Time and Date"
4) choose option No. "1) Set time zone"

from the list "Select a continent or ocean" choose "8) Europe"
from the list "Select a country" you have now to choose one off this option (regarding your TZ description Athens, Istanbul, Minsk)

5) Belarus
18) Greece
47) Turkey

Now make sure your machine can reach a ntp server.
(The one you have configured can be displayed with the command "cat /etc/sysconfig/ntp")

Now do check in the /etc directory the localtime softlink and the localtime.tz file again.
If this is now OK go ahead 

1) run command "cpstop"
2) run command "ntpdate -b your.configured.timeserver"
3) run command "hwclock --show" (to see the difference between HW and OS)
4.1) run command "hwclock --systohc" (to sync HW with the time you set in step 2)
4.2) if there was a huge time difference check again with "hwclock --show"
5) run command cpstart.

If you run now the command "/bin/date" you should see the your timezone with daylight saving short-name.
If everything Is OK, don't touch the timezone settings via webinterface again. 

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