Friday, March 6, 2015

7 Security Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Here’s a list of the 7 best security podcasts on network security and hacking.
Daily Podcasts
Internet Storm Center StormCasts

Listen to a daily wrapup of events from the SANS Internet Storm Center.
Weekly Podcasts
Sophos Chet Chat

Sophos brings you impressive antivirus software and other security products. Two expert Sophos engineers do a weekly podcast covering security news and other security topics.
Security Now

Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte do a 2 hour podcast each week to discuss security news, recent vulnerabilities, long standing problems, best practices, and sometimes do deep dives into a specific technology.
Security Weekly

Formerly PaulDotCom, listen/watch Paul give his weekly security podcast in which he discusses security news, research, hacker techniques, and technical how-tos.
Packet Pushers

Weekly security podcast covering news and events in the security realm.
Defensive Security Podcasts

A weekly discussion of security events in the news.
Monthly Podcasts
Cigital Silver Bullet

This monthly podcast usually consists of an interview of a prominent security researcher or engineer.
Ex Podcasts

These don’t count on the list because they appear to be abandoned. They either don’t release a regular podcast or have just stopped releasing podcasts.
Cisco Security TAC Podcasts

Listen in as Cisco Security TAC engineers talk about the latest interesting cases they’ve seen, new Cisco products, interesting solutions to problems, and tips for securing the network.
Tenable Podcasts

From the makers of Nessus vulnerability scanner, these podcasts cover current events in network security and best practices for defending.

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