Friday, March 6, 2015

Helpful Websites for Webmasters

As a webmaster I find myself bookmarking a lot of sites that help me. Here’s a list of the most helpful ones. Each of the websites listed are free or offer a free service.

Domain Name Finders

Need to find a good name for your next website project? These sites will offer a lot of great options.

SEO Tools

Some tools to help with SEO.

Alexa is a great way to track the popularity of a website. It has other interesting information too.

I’ve tried their service before and they charge a lot more than you expect. However, they do offer a free lookup to see how many monthly searches a keyword has. This is useful for finding the right name for an article or website name.

This page will analyze your website and give recommendations based on what it found to improve SEO.

A cool tool to track and compare the popularity of competing websites.

This tool will analyze all of the content of your website to see if you have duplicate content.

By going to tools > keyword planner you can do research on which keyword terms are higher traffic than others. This is helpful for deciding what the title of a page should be or the content of your site. This keyword planner is a free tool and does not require the purchase of any adwords.

Analytics Tools

Gain insight to the users that are visiting your page.

Google Analytics is a super easy and beautiful analytics tool. I’m not a fan of Google and wish I could find another free alternative to website analytics but their tool is the best I’ve used.

Google Webmaster tools will show you a view into what search terms people are using on Google to access your website.

If you want to bring your analytics internally piwik is probably the best choice to use.

Free Images

This site has a huge database of free vector graphics and icons.

Fontawesome combines with Bootstrap in a way that extends the basic Bootstrap icons into many more.

This site has both free and paid vector images and icons.

Smashing Magazine often releases freebie icon packs. This is a large trove of vector graphics and icons that are free.

Command Reference

Previously called and before that instacss. Devdocs is a easy to use cheat sheet for looking up html, css, javascript, and many other web programming language commands.

W3Schools is a great place to look up commands for web programming languages. The link will take you directly to the SQL quick reference guide which is what I use the site mostly for.

Misc Tools

A fantastic note keeping tool. I use it to track bugs, write ideas down, and create to do lists for websites I’m working on. It works great with multiple users at once and has a nice API that you can use to bring specific lists onto your own website.

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