Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baseline & Network Health Facts

Ethernet segments should not exceed 40% Network Utilization 
- Token Ring should not exceed 70% Network Utilization
WAN Links should not exceed 70% Network Utilization
Response time should be less than 100ms
- Broadcasts/Multicasts should be no more than 20% of all network traffic
- On Ethernet there should be no more than 1 CRC error per 1million bytes of data
- Cisco Router CPU Utilization should not exceed 75% 

- On Ethernet segments, less than .1% of the packets should result in a collision. 
- On Token-Ring segments, less than .1% of the packets are soft errors not related to ring insertion. 
- On FDDI segments, there should be at most one ring operation per hour not related to ring insertion 
- On Cisco routers, the output queue drops should be less than 100 per hour. 
- On Cisco routers, the input queue drops should be less than 50 per hour.

 Communication Plan | Network Refresh

When do we need to communicate? How frequently?
     Two communications need to be sent to the users at each facility.  The initial communication will occur three weeks prior to the schedule cutover date, and the second will occur a week prior to the cutover date.

What are key messages or objective of message?
     Describe communications needed to prompt and/or reinforce desired behaviors
    The key messages to be delivered include:
      - Current State Information
      - Project Purpose
      - Cutover date for specific facility
      - Expected impact
      - Contact information for Project Team

How will we deliver the communication – what media?
     Communications will be sent out on a per facility basis via a mass email to all users located at the site.  The list of users for each facility will be generated from data in the coporate

Who will deliver the message?
     Deployment Coordinator

What does the Project Team need to do to prepare communicator?
     The communicator will need the planned cutover dates for each facility to plan the communication dates, and tailor the content of each communication to the specific facility.

Desired Outcome(Track Status)
     Users will have a good understanding of:
      - The work being done and why.
      - Expected date and duration of Network downtime, so they can plan accordingly.
      - Will know who to contact with questions."

Level of information needed
    High level overview of technical details, and pertinent dates for each facility.

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