Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Data Center Access / Visitor Procedures

Procedure Background 
       In order to reduce physical exposures to data center equipment, production operations and backed up application data files, access controls are required. This is a preventive measure to safeguard the continuous operation of Company Hubs. Data center access audits are performed quarterly and door checks are performed weekly.

· The Data Center Facilities Team Lead is responsible to ensure that all IT personnel adhere to the policy of applying for data center access.
· See contact list for appropriate contacts.
· Any member of the workforce may STOP any WORK in progress due to unsafe work methods, conditions causing the area to be unsafe, emergency, or for any other Data Center operational necessity.  All unsafe work methods will be reported to the Data Center Operations Team Lead who will investigate the situation and take corrective action.

Data Center Access/ Visitor Procedure 

Physical Security
· Physical access to all computer rooms must be tightly controlled.  Doors must be locked at all times with only authorized personnel having access.
   - All employees, contractors, and visitors on company premises must wear identification tags at all times. 
   - All visitors and vendors MUST be approved by the Data Center Facilities authorized approvers, visitor access added to their smart card (visitor card), and must be escorted while in the data center.
   - Authorized personnel must not allow unknown or unauthorized individuals into restricted areas.  Unauthorized or unknown personnel not accompanied by authorized personnel, particularly in computer areas, must be challenged (in a tactful manner).  Personnel without a valid reason for being in the computer room must be escorted out of the computer room immediately and Security must be contacted.
   -  Smart card long term access can provide up to 6 months access before it needs to be renewed – via the local site data center access processes.
   -  Visitor or temporary access can provide up to 14 days of access before it needs to be renewed.  The Data Center Facilities Team Lead is not responsible for providing building access
 - only data center access.  Make sure the visitor has been added to the Visitor Management System or equivalent access system prior to their arrival.  For after hours requests that have not been pre-approved, contact the primary and secondary Data Center Facilities Contacts.  They will contact Security and let them know if the request is approved or denied.
   - Security in the Data Centers is the responsibility of the Data Center Facilities Team Lead.  The Data Center Facilities Team Lead will manage security by:
     §  Daily reviews and processing of IT Facilities Data Center Access
     §  Weekly IT Controls - Door Checks
     §  Quarterly audit of all individuals with Data Center Access
     §  Yearly Documentation and Review

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