Friday, November 15, 2019

Syslog Analysis Website or Tools

1. Retrace–one of Stackify’s developer tools, and the only developer tool that combines APM, errors, metrics, and monitoring with logging to provide a fully-integrated, multi-environment tool that gives you app performance superpowers.
2. Loggly–this is a cloud-based management and analytics service provider that has a free and paid plan starting at $49 per month. With their dynamic field explorer, you get a bird’s eye view of your logs. It also comes with power full-text searches.
3. GoAccess–this is a terminal-based log analyzer that lets you view web server statistics in real time. It is also open source and free to use. Plus, it is available on Github.
4.–this tool has free and paid plans starting at $89 per month. It has an interface powered by Kibana that lets you search through millions of records easily. You can also filter your results with custom parameters.
5. Splunk–this is a popular tool that has been around since 2003. It also comes in free and paid plans. The paid plan pricing depends on the amount of volume your process. In addition, it comes with powerful drill-downs that let you go back in time with ad-hoc queries.

6. Logstash–this is a free open source tool for managing and collecting your events and logs. Plus, you can use it along with Kibana.
7. AWStats–this free analysis tool has a community of thousands of users. This is because it lets you generate streamlined reports, as well as exporting the log data in varying formats for analysis offline. Moreover, you can run it on almost every popular platform.
8. Deep Log Analyzer–this tool can parse log files created by IIS and even the Apache web server. The user-friendly interface lets you generate custom reports. You can also export parsed data either in HTML or Excel format.
9. BareTail–with this tool, you can parse and read information in real time. You can also connect to a remote web server. If you need to skip to a specific point, you can do that immediately.

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