Sunday, March 15, 2020

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Comprehensive audio and video editing tutorials, programming introductory tutorials, graphic design tutorials, office use tutorials, and even masters of hardware circuit teaching! The coverage is incredible.

I mainly teach graphic design and video editing, but also involve programming, music production and other fields. The content is easy to understand and perfect for beginners.


Focused on programmers' job search, the content covers algorithm teaching, big data, artificial intelligence, full stack development, resume modification, interview skills, and so on. There are also cross-professional translators and successful landlords' experience sharing. Very useful for demanding programmers and students who want to transcode!

Nine chapters of algorithms, front-line engineers from Silicon Valley teach live online, and have helped 30,000+ people successfully get their favorite offers.
Nine Chapters of Basic Algorithms for Spring Strokes (Java) : From Java syntax all the way to algorithms and data structures, quickly complement the underlying logic of the algorithm ; including the latest algorithm interview questions for the 2019 autumn strokes, and one month to get easy + medium difficulty algorithms Interview .
The first lesson is free of charge , interactive lesson mode, with the report and study, free to arrange time.
For more course information, please visit: Chapter Nine Algorithms
  • Python learner :
    From the basic introduction to advanced language of Python language, including tutorials for building a developer environment and more practical crawler tutorials.
The main content is Java teaching, and the content is more interesting and practical chestnuts, such as the realization of love expression wall, landing barrage, the development of e-commerce spike module, artificial intelligence projects, and so on.
The up host is a programmer, and he comes out to talk about programming, code, and also teaches programmer friends how to write a resume. Compared with professional video bloggers, the hostess himself has a slightly weaker speaking rhythm and refinement, but it is more practical to share content. ps: Anyway, station b can double the speed, hehe ~
It ’s a relatively new B-site host. Although it is not a computer-based teaching content, it is also a particularly interesting science and dry goods sharing video in this field.
A newly released 5-minute video vividly demonstrates the scatter diagram of the spread of the new coronavirus in the crowd with Java, an object-oriented representative language, and likes the video author!

Encyclopedic knowledge

This can be said to be the Internet celebrity lady, talking about humanities, technology, entrepreneurship sharing, historical event interpretation ... Super interesting knowledge is condensed in a 10-30 minute video, and the explanation is easy to explain and comfortable The rhythm makes people want to chase more and more.
It is also a relatively new lord, and like Li Ziran said above, they are all very interesting souls! Focus on the Internet, technology and business. Each period is full of dry goods, and the story is clear and logical. The masterpiece is: A Brief History of the Internet Series.
Fun science, such as what is blockchain? Why do you lose money in stocks? Why is your phone charging so slowly?
The latest issue is about the new coronavirus, which has attracted a lot of fans. Widely spread in the circle of friends!

Practical software

The excel practice teaching, the uncle, the uncle, is really humorous. The teaching pace is fast, but the explanation is simple and can be quickly applied to work.
Committed to efficiency in the workplace, office dry goods tutorials, short videos, but also videos that can be practiced immediately after watching.
Let's introduce it here today. In fact, there are still many god-like learning grandma in station B. I will share it with everyone slowly in the future ~

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